What type of pets/animals do you care for?

We will care for any animal that is legal to own in the state of Colorado and the city of Loveland. So far, we have cared for dogs, cats, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens, turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, fish and finches. We look forward to being able to add to the list soon.

Do you have any breed restrictions for dogs?

No. However, we meet each and every dog before agreeing to care for him/her. We judge each dog on his/her own personality and behavior.

How long have you been pet sitting?

We’ve been pet sitting for family, friends and neighbors since 1983. By 2006, we’ve built up enough clients to officially become Sit, Stay & Play! Pet Sitting.

What other experience do you have?

As the owner of Sit, Stay & Play!, I was raised with dogs in the house from the time I was a baby. In 1983, I got my very first cocker spaniel and started pet sitting for friends and family. In 1997 I started working for Creature Comforts Pet Retreat in Loveland and was there until October 2012, when Sit, Stay & Play! got too much to do both.

I’ve volunteered and done foster care work for the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center since 1999 and have also done some foster care work for the Larimer Humane Society.

Can you supply references?

We are happy to provide letters of reference written for us over the years on request. Because we strongly value our clients’ privacy, we prefer not to publicly reveal names and/or contact information. We are also an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau® and members of Pet Sitters International.


Are you bonded and/or insured?

Yes. Since we are entering your home, we are both bonded and insured. Our policies are carried by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas, through Pet Sitters International.

What do you do at each visit?

Our visits are customized to what your pet likes to do. So, after the regular feeding, watering and wellness checks, we will spend the rest of the time doing what your pet enjoys.

If your beagle likes to go for walks and sniff for squirrels, we’ll enjoy helping him find some to bay at (no catching allowed!). If your Lab is ball-obsessed, don’t worry, we have a good throwing arm! If your senior cat is just looking for a warm lap, we can handle that also. A good book and we’ll keep her warm and happy!

And, as long as we are at your home, we’ll be happy to bring in the mail, milk, packages, alternate lights, water plants, open/close drapes, etc.

What times are you available for visits?

Our visits can start as early as 7 a.m. and be as late as 9 p.m.

What areas do you serve?

We primarily service the city of Loveland. If you live outside of Loveland, we will gladly try to help you. Any home beyond the city limits or at minimum, 6 miles from our offices (whichever is further) will be charged at $0.50 per mile.

How often can you visit?

We can visit as many times each day as you want us to. It is usually best to schedule enough visits that your pet can stay as close to his/her regular schedule as possible.

Will you give my pets their medicine?

Yes. There is a small charge for injectable medications. Oral medication is no additional charge.

How long do your visits last?

Our visits average approximately 30 minutes. Of course if you have a lot of pets, it will be longer.

Can my dog stay at your house?

Unfortunately, the city of Loveland does not allow us to “board” pets in our home. To do that, we would have to be licensed as a kennel and city zoning laws do not allow for that. The exception to this rule is if there is some veterinary-documented medical reason why your dog cannot be boarded or left alone at home, such as diabetes or epilepsy. In those cases, we may be able to make an exception.

Can my cat stay at your house?

Due to having dogs of our own and for the safety of your cat, we are not able to keep cats with us. Unfortunately, the city of Loveland does not allow us to “board” pets in our home. To do that, we would have to be licensed as a kennel and city zoning laws do not allow for that.

Can you stay overnight at my home with my pet?

We are now offering overnight stays. A staff pet sitter will stay in your home and keep your pets company over night. Our staff pet sitter will arrive no later than 9:00 p.m. and leave no earlier than 7:00 a.m.

I am a brand new client. I’ve had an emergency and need to leave immediately. Can you come watch my pets? 

While we will do everything we can to get you on your way as quickly as possible, we do have meet you and your pets and must have a signed contract on file before we can accept any pet sitting assignments.

What vaccinations do my pets need?

While we do not require that your pets be vaccinated, we do STRONGLY ENCOURAGE regular physical exams and vaccinations. If your pets are not current on vaccinations, we will have to be extra careful not to expose them to any other animals on walks or other outings. For the safety of your dog and others, if you wish us to take your dog to the dog park or play with other dogs, you will be required to provide proof of vaccinations (rabies, distemper combo and bordatella).

Can I call or email to check on my pets while I am gone?

Of course! We’re happy to let you know how our visits are going and what your pet is doing. We know that being away from a beloved pet can be a very difficult part of being away. So, if you are more comfortable being able to regularly check on them, we encourage you to do that.

Can you keep my house key for me between pet sitting assignments? Or will you return it after each trip?

We prefer to keep clients’ house keys so they can be available at all times. That way if there is a last minute trip or an emergency we already have the key and are prepared to step in whenever needed. Of course, if you prefer, we can return your key to you when you get home. Just be aware there may be a small charge for the extra trip.

How can I be sure my house key is secure with you?

Your house key is kept in a hidden lock-box in our offices. Each key is numbered. There are no names or addresses on or with the keys. If someone were to get ahold of a key, they would have to figure out how our numbering system cross-references with your information.

How are our records kept? Do I need to be concerned that someone might get a hold of my personal information?

All of our records are kept on paper and stored in a locked file cabinet. Any extra or old paperwork with any personal information on it is shredded before being recycled. We will NEVER ask for and do not store any banking information of our clients at all. Any electronic information is kept locally on our business laptop computer. Nothing is ever uploaded to the Web, or files transferred to anyone.

On your contract, you ask for my email address. Why?

We request your email address as just another form of communication with you. It is a great way to confirm dates or ask last-minute questions. For our clients who are billed bi-weekly or weekly, it is convenient to be able to email invoices. Don’t worry, we will never sell or share your email address with anyone else. If you prefer not to provide it, that is okay also.

My dog does not do well with kids/other dogs/animals. Will you be bringing your kids/dogs with you?

Your home is your personal sanctuary. We respect that. We will never bring anyone with us, nor let anyone into your home. For your safety, security and privacy, we never discuss or provide names, addresses, personal information or dates that you are away.

My neighbor/friend is going to come over and borrow some tools. Can you let him in while you are at my home?

We would prefer not to do that. Our company’s policy is to not allow anyone into your home while you are away. For your pet’s and home’s security, we strongly prefer that visits like these be arranged for a time when you are home.

If it is absolutely unavoidable, you must provide permission in writing (before you leave) of who can enter your home and why, as well as provide a physical description. That person will then be required to provide photo identification before being allowed inside.

We reserve the right to call 911/local law enforcement/local veterinarian if we believe your home, your pet’s health or our personal safety is at risk.

My trip got cut short, so I am home early. Will I be charged for the rest of the visits anyway?

No. As long as you call and tell us that you are home (before we arrive for the next regularly-scheduled visit), you will not be charged. If you do not call ahead, and are home when we get there, you will be charged for the visit anyway.

My flight got cancelled. Will you still be able to visit my pet?

We would appreciate a phone call or an email to inform us that you’ve been delayed. But even if that is not possible, we will continue to visit your pets at the regularly scheduled times until you let us know otherwise.